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How do I get an account with

Simply fill out the registration form including the physicians medical license and DEA numbers. You can also upload PDF, JPEG, TIFF copies of your documents. Our registration department will review and verify your information and you will be given a Ship To ID, this ID will be in your address panel and is used to confirm your identity when placing orders. 

How long does it take to get approved?

The normal time is 24-48 hours. We may require additional information as needed.


New Features

How Do I Use Quickbuy?

You can quickly assemble a list of items without going to the product pages. It can be used to search by title, description SKU or Part Number. Simply enter a product name, sku or part number for example, once your product is listed, click the left icon next to the name and it will move up to your list,you can keep adding products and add to the list. You can now edit your list of products and enter quantities. Once you are done, click the "add to shopping cart" button on the right, your list of products will appear in your cart.


Multiple Wish Lists

Wishlists can be used to create lists of products that you can easily reorder. For example, if you have a certain doctor that has some of the same items for a procedure, you could define your list as "Dr. Smith's Ankle Procedure", you can make as many wish lists as you want, making it easy and quick to order.



Any previous order can be accessed under your account under "Orders", from here you can click reorder, when you do, it creates a new order and you can continue to shop and add items to this order if you wish.